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Art of the Choke

Top Ten Reasons That You May Be Obsessed With Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

10. When dining in a restaurant, you order a Kyparingas (Brazilian cocktail) and fried bananas.

9. You start tracking down old high school bullies for the sole purpose of breaking their arm.

8. When getting up in the morning, you pull your outside leg and hook it on the edge of the bed to slide out because you are too uncomfortable giving your back.

7. No matter where you are in your house, you can't get up off the floor without standing up in base.

6. You are approached by a 300 pound ex-con in a bar and all you can think about is how easily you could tap him.

5. You are constantly trying to get your father to legally change his name to Helio.

4. You find yourself trying to pass your girlfriend's guard.

3. Your name begins with an "R" but you insist that it is pronounced with an "H" sound, like "Hichard", "Haymond", "Hyan" or "Hodney."

2. You won't let anyone tell you what to do unless their ears are visibly mangled.

      And the number one reason you know that you are obsessed with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu...

1. It becomes increasingly more difficult to keep a straight face and say, "Oh, so you are a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.  How impressive."

By the way, if you can't relate to ALL TEN of these reasons, get back on the mat because you aren't obsessed enough with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!!