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Barra Gracie Alaska
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About Us
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Art of the Choke


Ted Stickel 
Brown Belt 

Purple Belts

Todd -- 3 stripes
Justin -- 2 stripes <<< JUST PROMOTED!!

Blue Belts

Paul -- 2 stripes
Kyle -- 2 stripes
Brett -- 2 stripes
Gary -- no stripe
Shane -- one stripe <<< JUST PROMOTED!!


Our Academy

Ted trained under Nelson Montero, a Carlos Gracie Jr. black belt.  Ted has been in Alaska teaching jiu jitsu since 1995.  At that time, he had a very small following of just a few students.  Todd and Justin were one of Ted's first students and have been training with him ever since.  Alaska Jiu Jitsu has now grown considerably, with more than a hundred students passing through the door since 1995.
Although Alaska is arguably the most beautiful state in the US, we don't have the luxury of having a BJJ black belt on every corner (actually, few places really do and we are no exception!).  In order to keep us sharp, Ted has invited numerous black belts to Alaska for training and seminars including Nelson Montero, Marcelo Pereira and Caique.   Check right here for upcoming seminars with Alaska Jiu Jitsu.

If you're interested in coming to Alaska to train or put on a seminar yourself, make sure you contact us.  We have been known to take care of our seminar black belts with a fishing charter for wild Alaskan salmon or free plane tickets. 

Every new student receives a free introductory class, so email us to register for your free class!!